2019 poly film thickness butterfly greenhouse grow tent for vegetables

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poly film thickness butterfly greenhouse grow tent for vegetables


Suitable for use in even the harshest of climates
Ideally suited for professional growers who require unique environments for different crops
Provides economical growing space
Specially designed swinging side vent and the double ridge vents allow for a more natural airflow
Dramatically sloped arch design optimizes the useable space for growing bench crops as well as hanging baskets.


Width8.0m 9.0m
Apex Height3.5m-5.5m
Wall Height2.0m-3.0m
CladdingPoly Film
Pipe DiameterΦ40, Φ48



1-Single tunnel greenhouse made by high quality steel structure and long service life, main steel material is all hot dip galvanized with excellent anti-corrosion effectiveness. there is no bare welding points and connected by galvanized bolts, screws, and self-screws.


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2-This type of greenhouse characterized with Low investment and low running cost in winter.
3-Stability of greenhouse structure were analysis by software 3D3S, PKPM, and so on.


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4-Economical and practical, sold with attractive appearance by 10 years warranty for main structure of greenhouse.


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Ventilation system of Greenhouse

Ventilation system mainly used for greenhouse natural ventilation , it can control temperature, humidity, and concentration of CO2 inside of greenhouse. The side ventilation or top ventilation system can be option according to your requirement . They are consist of manual ventilation system and automatic ventilation system.


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Covering Material of Greenhouse (Plastic Film)

1-The greenhouse is covered by PEP film.
2-Film thickness is optional :80micron/100micron/120mircon/150 micron (standard)/200micron
3-Global light transmission : ≥ 90%
4-Diffusion :≤ 20%
5-UV transmission:300-390%
6-Tear Resistance 15gf/mic
7-Dart Drop:1000G
8-3-5 years guarantee period according to weather of your country.


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Hydroponic System of Greenhouse
Hydroponics is a subset of hydro-culture, which is the growing of plants in a soil less medium, or an aquatic based environment. Hydroponic growing uses mineral nutrient solutions to feed the plants in water, without soil. For those of us who love growing plants these are exciting times indeed. We are no longer limited by climate or by season in the pursuit of our harmless pleasures. We can now grow virtually any plant at virtually any time of the year – the only limitation is our imagination. The simple, effective hydroponic systems now available, coupled with modern horticultural lighting, have transformed our hobby and freed us to grow our favorite plants where and when we choose.


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1.What kind of a company we are ?
We are greenhouse manufacturer located Lin’an Zhejiang, China .We have gained good reputation among our customers for our professional,warm and thoughtful service, Because we know that a long terms business based on the quality control,delivery time etc.
2.Does your company is a factory or trade company ?
We are greenhouse factory , we are on this business for few years in China.
3.What are the features of agriculture usage greenhouse?
Easy frame for assembly
Professional design and high quality material
Low cost , modern appearance and stable structure
It is the best choice for planting by small area
4.How long is the delivery time?
According to your greenhouse size and system, the delivery time is usually 7-15days.
5.Can you supply sample?
Small parts can be supplied, but you should pay the express.
6.Can your company supply greenhouse design?
Our company can give greenhouse design according to your land and plan after deposit. And we can give simple drawing before signing contract.
7.How to install the greenhouse?
One way: to install the greenhouse by yourself completed, and we will send you a install manual for your reference.
the other way:we can arrange our engineers to your side to direct the installation,but you must to pay for the relevant fees of their visa,round-trip air ticket,hotel and salary.


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Jack, zhang
For more pls visit web at www.agrotime.cn
For more pls contact us directly as followings:
Email: assistant(at)agrotime.cn
Office Add:No.68 Huaqiao Road cross-border e-commerce industry park Lin'an,Hangzhou,Zhejiang,China
Factory Add:TaiYang Industrial Zone Hangzhou Zhejiang China


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